A Waka Odyssey

Kupe’s Arrival

10 February 2018

Watch this short animation by Nikora Ngaropo of Pacific navigators Kupe and Kuramarotini arriving on the shore of Aotearoa, in Day Ten of our digital Waka Odyssey.

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Day 10 Kupe's Arrival A Waka Odyssey Watch video

Animation: Nikora Ngaropo

Created by Nikora Ngaropo for A Waka Odyssey, this animation depicts the discovery of Aotearoa by Pacific voyagers Kupe and Kuramarotini. The piece brings to life the statue of the pair that you can find located on the Whanganui-A-Tara, Wellington Harbour waterfront, where the epic theatrical extravaganza Kupe: Festival Opening Night will be performed at 7pm on Friday 23 February.

Nikora says of the piece “all peoples of the Pacific share our story of traversing the oceans and finding our different homes among its islands. This is one interpretation of Kupe's discovery of Aotearoa.”

The piece is accompanied by the sound of the Pūrerehua, a traditional Māori taonga pūoro musical instrument.


Each day, starting  1 February 2018, we will share new videos and stories online so you too can join the journey in the lead up to the start of A Waka Odyssey, 23 February – 4 March 2018. Be part of the story via our website festival.co.nz/waka, on the New Zealand Festival's Facebook and Instagram pages, or using the hashtags #NZWaka and #NZFestival. 


Join in A Waka Odyssey celebrations at the spectacular theatrical extravaganza KupeFestival opening night set on Wellington's waterfront; the Kupe Landing: Petone Family Day – a fun beach party for all the whānau; and the Kupe Dreaming series of waka-themed community events and activities. 

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