A Waka Odyssey

An Ode to Māui

15 February 2018

Māui’s Fishhook, or Te Matau a Māui is a constellation in the sky that voyagers use to wayfind across the Pacific. Discover how Māui’s hook signifies striving towards your goals, even when the seas are rough, on Day 15 of A Waka Odyssey digital journey.

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It can be wild out there in the Pacific Ocean. When voyaging gets hard, or the weather has turned against you, it is important to focus on the destination, to weather the storm with your crew.

Part Four of an illustrated time-lapse of six works is accompanied by a beautiful waiata by Morgana Watson, a member of the creative team who made the pieces for A Waka Odyssey, a landmark celebration of our Pacific past and future starting 23 February 2018. 

She says it is “an ode to Māui. [At the content creation sprint, team member] Moana was telling us about the significance of Māui’s Fishhook, casting out the hook before you to strive toward your goals. It’s setting a goal for the future, and moving towards that goal.”

Māui’s Fishhook, or Te Matau a Māui is also a constellation in the sky that voyagers use to wayfind across the Pacific. In this way, the constellation brings a physical dimension to the metaphor within Morgana’s pao.

Created by Bek Coogan, Nathalie Evans, Georgie Johnson, Matt Ritani, Gaylene Sheehan, Moana Swan and Morgana Watson for A Waka Odyssey content creation sprint. Medium: Charcoal, paper, illustrated time-lapse.


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Join in A Waka Odyssey celebrations at the spectacular theatrical extravaganza KupeFestival opening night set on Wellington's waterfront; the Kupe Landing: Petone Family Day – a fun beach party for all the whānau; and the Kupe Dreaming series of waka-themed community events and activities. 

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