Delight in the “flair, rigour and integrity” (New Zealand Listener) of New Zealand’s composition vanguard: Samuel Holloway, Chris Gendall and Dylan Lardelli. In Distances, these composers collaborate with artists from the Miyata-Yoshimura- Suzuki Trio and Ensemble Musikfabrik in a programme of captivating music.

This exploration, performed on Japanese and European instruments, unites composers from New Zealand, Japan and Germany and interweaves works from the 21st century with ancient pieces. You’ll become part of a transcendent performance ritual that bridges the distances of time and place.


Trad.  Hyojo no Choshi, for Shō 
Toru Takemitsu  Distance, for Shō and Oboe
Chris Gendall  Reverse Assembly, for Shō, Recorder, Violin, Guitar, Koto and Bass Koto
Georg Philipp Telemann  Fantasie TWV 40:3, for Recorder
Dieter Mack  Trio VII, for Oboe, Violin, Bass Koto
Keiko Harada  Quartet for Shō, Recorder, Koto and Guitar
Kikuoka Kengyo  Iso Chidori, for Koto and Shamisen
Dylan Lardelli  Holding, for Shō, Recorder, Oboe, Violin and Koto
Rebecca Saunders  To and Fro, for Oboe and Violin
Samuel Holloway  Japonisme, for Shō, Recorder, Oboe, Guitar, Shamisen and Bass Koto

(The Artists reserve the right to make changes to the programme.)

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"We too rarely hear boundary-pushing contemporary music in concert halls," claims composer Samuel Holloway (New Zealand Herald)

Friday 09 Mar

GA (seated)

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St Mary of the Angels

1hr 15mins (no interval)

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